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Alright, I really don't like vista (big surprise). Anyway, I'm not great with computers, decent, I can hold my own when working with them, but I'm no genius. And I have been wondering about Ubuntu for a while now and I was wondering if I could/should change to ubuntu from vista. What are the advantages really? And would I be able to abandon and come back to Vista if I changed my mind, I have Windows Vista Home Premium, it came pre installed, so I do not have a disk. And "dual booting", I've heard about from friends but don't really understand/don't know how, if possible. I think thats all. I'll list all my q's if it helps. And also would programs installed on vista (games and such) be able to installed? And would my wireless internet get messed up? -Should I? -Could I? -Advantages? -Disadvantages? -Would I be able to come back to Vista? -Dual booting??? P.S. why does my cursor not blink when I type on instructables? It's bothering me...


Download it, burn it to a disc, install the disc into your computer, set your BIOS to boot from CD drive, and restart it all, this will load Ubuntu Live, it will run from the CD and leave all your windows system intact... You can give it a trial and when your ready to install it on your system just follow the prompts, this will work on most PC's today with more then 384 Meg or memory (( you can get away with less if your not using LIVE because it uses some memory as a virtual disk while running LIVE))

I'm having trouble loading it to a disk because i cant seem to make a bootable cd that works, do you know of some instructions to help me make a bootable disk? The tut on ubuntu won't work for me.

I just downloaded it. It should be a .ISO file and I used Nero to burn it to a disc and it works for me... If you don't have Nero or other disc authoring software you can order the Disc for free from there website.... And did you adjust your Bios setting to boot from a CD, when you first turn on your computer you need to press the DEL key (( normally, some computers use the F12 or F10 key but it should tell you when it first turns on ??? once again depends on the computer )) And set your boot sequence to D drive or CD first, and then save it to flash memory, and restart your computer and it might ask you, (( depends on BOIS )) if you would like to boot from CD press any key, and press a key and it should take a minute and it will boot up Ubunto live

I have my cd drive booting first and i was able to get to the menu on startup that says insall ubuntuand such and no option would work except starting vista again.

If it's booting from a disk then your disk is probably fine (although the ISO might be corrupted, if you know to take an MD5 checksum then try that, if not then just re-download it and burn a second CD). If it boots from the Live CD but doesn't want to install, there are a few reasons that might cause that. Do you have the right version of Ubuntu for your hardware? (i386 for 32 bit, amd64 for 64 bit). If you try starting up Ubuntu from the Live CD and tell us in more detail what it says then we might be able to help more. You could alternatively try a different Live-only distro like Puppy or Slax to see if they are more to your taste (and if they work out of the box). To address your later questions... I don't know much about Vista specifically, but if you have enough space left on your hard disk (more than a few gigabytes) or a second hard drive you should be able to install dual boot without messing up your Vista installation. Installing dual boot takes care so I don't want to give half-assed instructions here, but Ubuntu is very good at it and will install itself alongside WIndows, giving you a menu at bootup to choose which operating system you want to start.

i have nti cd and dvd maker which has the option create disk from iso disk image file, is this the option i need?

I made tried dual booting, and i created the disk at booted it up and i got to the menu to install and it won't start, I select install ubuntu and hit enter, and and it starts my cd drive, but ultimately does nothing. The only option i can get to work is boot from local disk which just starts vista. Any help?

The same happened to me, IDK if it is because the hdd i'm usin has win98 on it or having 128mb ram (old computer i had lying around)

You should try what NachoMahma said if you are not good with computers.

You can also try dual booting. With dual booting, you hook two hard drives up to your computer. A typical setup is one is master, and the other is a slave. With this setup, you will be able to have both ubuntu and vista on the same computer. To learn the advantages that ubuntu has over vista, click here.

. Try it and see. . Since you don't have the Vista install disc, I suggest using a different HDD for Linux. Remove the current HDD and you can swap it back if you change your mind. For the same reason, I don't recommend dual booting. . Programs will be different. . If you have a default WiFi config, you should be fine.