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Ultra Pistol 2 Review Answered

 Okay, if you guys haven't built the ultra pistol 2 before, then get building! Or, if you built the original and liked it, then you'll love this! This is my first review so, yeah, i've seen many done, so I'll be fine.
We'll start with reliability:
This gun is very reliable, it's easy to fix when broken, it doesn't mess up when firing, and it's pretty much impossible for the new trigger to mess up. I give it a   10/10

This one is much stronger than the ultra pistol 1. It's smaller, making it stronger, and the new barrel is shorter, so it's stronger too, the only thing wrong is the handle and trigger connection, making the handle wobble a tiny bit. I give it a     9/10

This gun is very powerful, due to single shot, so it can get a good 45 feet, or 55 if you use more bands. I give it a 9/10

Rate of Fire:
It's a single shot, so you don't get a good ROF. I give it a   6/10

The only thing that you are holding is a handle, the handle is right handed, and i imagine it is comfortable like that. (i hold guns in my left hand. I give it a   8/10

This gun is damn accurate, even more accurate when you have finned rods, but not everyone has time or wants to make those. I give it a   9/10

This gun looks a lot like a magnum, which is a really cool gun, but there is something missing on it.... I give it a   9/10

Trigger is a teensy bit forward, but it doesn't mess up or anything evil. I give it a   9/10

Last but not least- ammo:
This gun takes a lot of different kinds of ammo, and you can test out which ones you like and whatever. I give it a   9/10

Overall: 8.7- a very good gun by Oblivitus


Thanks a lot! I hope that this makes more people want to build it.

Are you left handed Seleziona?

Why you ask? I'm right handed, to answer your question.......

Okay, I asked because the Ultra Pistol is a right handed gun. That would have explained why you thought the handle was uncomfortable.

Ohhhhhh! i get it! I hold guns with my left hand......

You do? Yeah, the gun is made right handed, so please change your comment about the handle comfort.

Thanks, it's a very comfy handle if you're using the right hand. I custom shaped it to be that way.

i use bike gloves for shooting and in wars so comfy or not, 4 me it doesnt matter... its really handy!

ohhhh! That is why there is that white bar, yeah....

Yeah, that is to conform to the bend of your hand. And the left side has more parts on it because your fingers would be uncomfortable if those parts were on the right side.

You know this all could be avoided if you just made a perfectly symmetrical handle.

And reduce the comfort of the handle? That's a poor compromise.

You can make it symmetrical and comfy at the same time.

It's not likely that I will be able to make it optimally comfortable using symmetry with knex. In any case, the handle can be built flipped and become left handed.



8 years ago

picture by anychance?

go to his instructable....


on your one... duh...! lol

No sheesh! But it was taken a apart half an hour after built it. (don't tell Oblivitus)

Holy Crap! I forgot that was on your review! Sorry, I had to. I was building the fx-9 pistol, and i didn't have enough snowflakes, and your gun was lying there soooooo.......

It's okay, I won't hold a grudge if you don't appologize. And I won't make a voodoo doll of you and poke it with needles. XD

what would the voodoo doll have looked like???

OMG! I know! That WASN'T Supposed to HAPPEN! He Must KNOW when People are talking BEHIND HIS BACK! 

you replied twice to the same thing. >:(


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