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Ultra simple high voltage generator not working? Answered

 I found the low volt side of the transformer but when I attach the second terminal of the 9v it sparks at the battery and not on the high volt side. Help!


.  You probably don't have enough current available from your source (the 9V battery). Power (P = I * E) is the same on both sides of a transformer, so when the secondary boosts the voltage, the available current drops. Eg, if the xformer boosts the voltage 10x, the output current is 1/10th of the input current.

You'll need an alternating or pulsed power supply, and you might need more power. What's the specification / type of transformer?

The primary coil will cause sparking, but I think you don't have enough windings on the secondary to give you what you'd like.


.  Doh! A 9V battery is DC, isn't it? <sheepish grin>

You can tap the wire on the terminal repeatedly, but that's hard work.


What is it exactly that you are trying to achieve?

How are you testing the high voltage side so that you know it's not working?

You may not have enough turns on the high voltage side to do whatever it is that you want.