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Ultralight Portable Greenhouse Answered

I have always wanted to grow a dwarf fruit tree or tropical tree (10-15 ft tall), but living in a townhouse I don't have room to winter a tree indoors. I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of this being done for a single tree? Kind of like a "tree phonebooth" for winter, potentially with a heater run from my outdoor electrical outlet. Any thoughts on where to start? If we can get a theory together I will build it and post it.


I am getting a tree thats already 9ft tall, I like the idea of dark rocks for passive heating. In fact I may use pvc pipe as a "tent" pole/passive watering system....

. If you live where it gets real cold, you can put one layer of PE on the inside of the frame and another layer on the outside - this forms an insulating layer. Or use "styrofoam," which is translucent.

How about starting off with a big dry-cleaning bag while the tree is short enough? Just put it over the whole tree. You could add passive heating as well, piling dark-coloured rocks around the base of the tree and the pot, but inside the bag. When the tree is bigger, you could invest in some big sheets of translucent polythene and duct-tape them together to make a bag big enough to replace the dry-cleaning bag.

My dad built a grrenhouse from old windows. Maybe you'll find someone having their windows replaced and offer to relieve them of what will be waste to them? L

. Depending on where you live, you may be able to use PVC pipe and polyethylene.