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Unable to comment. error - 503 Answered

Since about 10:00 last night I haven't been able to comment or upload pictures.
When I try to comment I get a gray overlay saying: 503 service unavailable.
Last night I tried to upload picture and got a yellow box saying : 504 gateway time-out.
I saw that both Kiteman and lemonie are having this same problem and both posted a report.
Kiteman's report
lemonie's report
Does someone on the instructables staff have any answers??


ooooooooo uploading pictures, does k~sc have a new ible planned?


8 years ago

Server went down on Friday night - we're back now and better then ever!  Sorry you weren't able to comment.

Bahahahaha! When I try to read lemonies report I get a:

ERROR 400: no topic: New-editor-error-503

instructables is having a epic fail lately....