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Unable to enter Halloween contest Answered

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I'm trying to enter a Halloween contest that expires on November 7'th, tomorrow, but I get an error that says "Sorry you are not eligible, it may have been published before the contest entry date." Can you help out with this? I've attached the pictures of what is happening...

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lovetokeepmoving (author)2012-11-07

I am trying to enter my video to the halloween contest but the site refuses to accept
my embed code. I only have today to enter?

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mikeasaurus (author)2012-11-06

Can you provide a link to your project? Your profile shows no published Instructables.
Try publishing first, then entering from the contest page.

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vonthab (author)mikeasaurus2012-11-06

Interestingly, even though the add to contest button is available and has functionality it does not work until you actually go through the publish process then use the add to contest button. Your tip to publish first then add to contest worked. You will get an error if you 'add to contest' then publish. You should probably remove the option 'to add to contest' if you have not hit the 'publish' button yet. You do have the option to 'add to contest' during the publish process. Thanks for your help.

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