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Underrated bands Answered

what bands come to mind when you hear 'underrated bands'? i think Modest Mouse is a seriously underrated band.


Modest Mouse is flippin amazing, but the Format is WAYYYY uderated, too

i bought the Format's Interventions & Lullibies, loved it, then found out they quit! wth!

I should add that Presidents of The United States (inventors of the basitar & guitbass) have some fun tunage, and so do the Unicorns

Billy talent, immortal technique

billy talent in canada is HUGE. (there orignaly canadian) there always on the music channels but what i think a underrated bands is is Marianas trench. google them there pretty good, although i almost never listen to them lol...there still pretty good

Yeah, I suppose your right. Its just that I'm in america so I wouldn't know whats going on up north

ELO! (electric light orchestra) totally underrated mr. blue sky is an amazing song


10 years ago

Back during one of RIAA debates (who gets the money you pay for music? Artists? Hah!) it occurred to me that the "mega bands" are in fact pretty much entirely creations of the recording industry, rather than being particularly deserving of their fame. Read that as ALL local bands are probably seriously underrated. Both within and across genres... (or putting it another way, it's not at all surprising that a show like "american idol" can find good singers; it's probably more of a challenge to find entertaining bad-ness.)

"who gets the money you pay for music? Artists? Hah!"
I have tried to tell that to people, but they say I'm crazy.

I don't know about ALL local bands being underrated, there is a reason why some of them aren't doing anything. For instance this:


10 years ago

Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes.

. I didn't have to go searching the Web for this one. :) Dug out my copy of "Havin' A Party" (1979), that I haven't listened to in years, and gave it another listen. I enjoyed hearing it again; thanks for reminding me.

i am probably the only 15 year old i know that has a combined 4 gigs of Springsteen, Southside, Gary U.S. Bonds, and Chuck Berry on their iPod. in fact i have 3.75 gigs of Springsteen music alone. i don't know if that is something to boast about, but i am proud of my diverse musical interests.

. I used to force my daughter to listen to a lot of good ol' rock n roll and she has developed a taste for a very wide range of music. And she, in turn, would force me to listen to the newer stuff. I've gotten to where I actually enjoy such groups as Prodigy, Queensrÿche, Bush, &c.; heehee

Personally, I also listen to a lot of punk and ska

same here, except when it comes to ska I don't listen to much 3rd wave, it all sounds the same to me 2 tone is the only good stuff to me

I listen to all ska, punk ska, and ska-core. whats your favorite ska band? mine is Less Than Jake

fosho, im seeing the english beat with rx bandits seen too

. I'm not sure what pigeon-hole to put their style into, but that sounds about right. I'm talking about the group that does "Firestarter" and "Breathe." Not something I listen to regularly, but I enjoy hearing them every now and then ("Breathe" is playing in the background right now - Inhale!).

. We seem to have similar interests in music - I like it. Went to their web site (link) and listened to a few clips. Reminds me a lot of Jimi Hendrix. Which CD would you recommend to try them out?

They have changed a lot of the years. Their early stuff has a much stronger punk/grunge sound to it. I prefer their newer stuff. Listen to these two songs:

The Mob Goes Wild:

Electric Worry:

If you prefer the first one, then I would recommend the CD Blast Tyrant. If you prefer the second one, I would recommend Beale Street to Oblivion.

Blast Tyrant has more of a rock sound, while Beale Street has more of a bluesy sound.

And just for the heck of it, one of their old songs:

I don't think that Johnny Cash is not as appreciated by today's teenage listeners as he should be. He was a great singer. My favorite song of all time is Ring of Fire.

. I put Johnny in the same category as, say, Bob Dylan. Fantastic writer and a tremendous influence on the genre (and even other genres), but can't carry a tune in a bucket. Although I can't imagine anybody else doing a better job of singing "One Piece At A Time" or "Boy Named Sue". ;)

"Boy Named Sue" is a great song. I laugh every time I listen to it.

The same can be said of Chuck Berry.

they are very popular where i live. but i think they suck. sorry.

. I won't go so far as to say they suck, but it definitely ain't my kinda music.


10 years ago

the band Rush isn't very popular anymore...

Scissor Sisters (in the US) Apparently no one has heard of them in the US besides me.

. Pretty much ditto to what its a lion said.
. I've never heard of them. Listened to the clips on their MySpace page (link) and I just can't get past the falsetto. "Take Your Mama" would be a great song with different vocals. Everything else was pretty uninteresting to me. Not bad; just not something I'd spend money on.

Yeah, definitely never heard of them. I am giving them a listen though (their myspace). And its just not really my type of music. I Don't Feel Like Dancin' reminds me of a 70s song for some reason... Its far from bad, its just not something I would listen to on a regular basis. But at the very least, now I can say I have heard the Scissor Sisters.

I like british pop. Mika too. "Love Today" and "Grace Kelley" are two of my faves.

. Billy (Vera) and The Beaters