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Understand this circuit for me? Answered

Im trying to add composite video to my Atari 2600. All of the tutorials I have found have been for the rev a and b. Have only found one for the 6 switch rev c. Ive tried to find the same resistors but they are labeled differently. I found this little mod :

But thats 25$ for that little thing. I was trying to see how it was made from the picture which wire goes to whichbut couldn't figure it out. Could somebody please write out or make a picture of the schematics?

If it would help to know what wire is for what you can see in the tutorial.


The little silver box is probably the same in most models of the 2600 or 7800... they were even used in the model 800 that I had several of years ago. One of the sites found by doing the search by "mpilchfamily" is this site that has a VERY similar parts used as in the ebay item. Also this website gives some pretty detailed installation instructions and nice pictures. When you look at his schematic in this link... notice the little "e,b,and c" on the transistor. The transistor is a 2n3904 on the ebay circuit board you give... but the 2n2222 is pretty much the same thing (just a general purpose transistor). Just build it like this link and i think it will work fine.


Like I stated in the question. I have looked those are all for rev a and b. Not the six switch rev c. On the rev c the motherboard has a completely different layout and labels. This has been the only mod I have found for the rev c

The schematics show the circuit for the little board you need to make up. I don't see what your problem is.

It will take some doing but i'm sure you'll be able to figure out which wire goes where on the system. They are all very similar. Especially when you get to the output signal to the TV.