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Universal motor Answered

After disassembling a hedge trimmer I have obtained a universal motor (meaning it can run on either ac or dc) It has a power rating of 400W, and a label indicates that it has 1/2 horsepower. Does anyone have any ideas as to what to do with it? it's fairly small (15cm X 5cm X 5cm) and in reasonable condition. Thank you for any responses.


They say go kart, I say giant fan, office chair and a whole load of extension cords... There are plenty of things to do with a motor, the go kart isn't a bad idea except it's probably a 240V or 120V motor, depending on what your mains is putting out... My favourite idea so far would be to see how big a motor speaker could be...

like the kind of motor speaker in my instructables? Or like the one they did in mythbusters?

I think scaling yours up would be more interesting then mount it in the middle of a massive board of plexiglass, get some serious amps and make two, get the weirdest and maddest audio in town...

Battery powered go cart?

yeah, I'd say go cart