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Unlock the door to work shop, hands free, when hands are full. Answered

I am looking to have a way to unlock the door to my work/ wood/ hobby shop in my back yard with technology similar to that which has been used in some newer vehicles, whereby the trunk is unlocked and opened when the user places their leg under the rear bumper when they have their hands full. I don't know how this works, and I haven't heard of any possible problems with this technology. I'm assuming the user has some device carried on their person and there is some kind of proximity sensor or similar. I would be willing to carry what ever might be needed in my pocket at all times, just as I normally carry my wallet with me at all times. A fob of some sort, a card in the wallet. I just don't know how this works. I would like to also have a way to unlock the door should I ever forget the needed device, or in case of possible power outage, etc. Thank you all for any ideas you may have.


Do you mean unlock or open or both?

Unlock - RFi technology if you really need to keep it secure. Open a mechanical system using a spring or weight to open the door and a platform to stand on to unlatch the door should work.


Thanks for your answer. I do need the door to be locked and secure. Would you be able to elaborate on the "RFi technology" that you mentioned? I also stated in the specifics that I would need a way to get in/ bypass the system should there ever be a power outage. Maybe the second part of your answer could be implemented in some way to get in if I would lose power. Perhaps this spring thing, but maybe I could hide it, like a pull latch or something( maybe lock mechanism is spring loaded and when pulling a string or rope or chain that goes through somewhere and I could just pull on it to release the latch) where only I know where it is. The building sits up off the ground about two feet, so I envision some kind of cable going through the floor and I could just reach under there and just give it a tug and it would pull the latch out of it's...hole,(for lack of a better word). By the way, I do have some electronic know how, but not an expert by any means. Any way you could break it down for me would be greatly appreciated. I like the idea of carrying a key fob maybe and it unlatches when in close proximity. Remember, hands free. I can't reach in my pocket to get fob out to wave over a reader. I really appreciate your time.

Look to the right and there are several RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) projects you can look at.

How you impliment it is very much dependent on what you have on site and I don't know about that - e.g. I didn't know the building was set up off the ground.


3 years ago

They make locking systems for pet doors that work with RFID chips. You could adapt that for a people door. You might need to wear a wrist band instead of a collar.

Hey now, that is an idea, have the RFID system and the kickboard system linked together.

The door won't open unless unlocked and the door won't unlock unless you have the chip!


3 years ago

Here is one that is for people.


Just looking at the related column on the right can get you a lot more ideas.

A garage door opener with a kick pad for the button you normally put inside the garage.

If you put two kick pads in parallel, one inside and one outside you can leave the
shop with your hands full also.

It would take a little jury rigging to make it work on an ordinary door but it will
work. Also you have the option of the remote to open the door from a distance so you don't have to leave the work aria when someone comes knocking.


I really appreciate your answer, and it's a great idea, however, anyone could just go in my shop whenever they want. I need the door locked and secure. Thanks

Only if you let them know where the kick pad is.

However the kick pad can be replaced with a chip scanner.


The car version works with a proximity sensor and an authorized signal from some sort of electronic key or fob, otherwise anybody could put their knee against your boot to unlock your valuables.

You could always buy an aftermarket car central locking system and install it on your shed door, but you would need some hacking skills to incorporate a PID security light into the system for when your hands are full.