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Unpublished Instructables are all in lock-down. Answered

OS: Windows 7
Browser: Google Chrome and IE

All of my unpublished ibles are in lock-down and unable to be edited.

When I click "edit", the page enters a pertpetual state of gray-screen "updating".  

I tried restarting my computer and switching browsers.  No change.

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Jayefuu (author)2012-08-13

Mine's working fine. The site's a tiny bit slow, but the edit loads.

Do you have any javascript altering add-ons/extensions like greasemonkey, adblocker et al?


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bajablue (author)Jayefuu2012-08-13

lol... why must I learn what things like "javascript altering add-ons/extensions" are? (rhetorical question ;-)

You testme, James... you really do! ;-D

I may have jumped the gun, and you have my apologies.  The unpublished Ibles seem to be loading fine now. Mea culpa. :-)

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Jayefuu (author)bajablue2012-08-13

Ha ha, sorry. The site probably had heavy load or they updated or did some housekeeping or something. Like you said, it seems to be back to normal now.

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Kiteman (author)Jayefuu2012-08-13

For some reason, when we came into the office this morning, the whole site was running on the three or four slowest servers available.

That has now been fixed.

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