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Upcoming Beauty Contest Answered

Next week we'll be launching our first ever Instructables Beauty Speed Contest!  We want to know your secrets for making your inner beauty glow. 

Whether you've got a recipe for skin cream, a special technique for liquid eyeliner, or great tricks for voluminous hair, this is the time to share your knowledge.  Home facials? Dye your hair with Kool-Aid?  Show us how!

The contest will only run for two weeks, so don't be shy - get ready to share your Va Va Voom!


Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!!!

How does using make up "make your inner beauty glow"? Beauty starts with the heart. Just remember, if you can see that someone is wearing makeup, there is too much being used :-D IMHO

I take your point, Goodheart. To tell you the truth, I was really startled at first by the idea of an "Instructables Beauty Contest" - I mean, how's Robot going to fare in the Evening Gown Competition? ;)

But to answer your question, if you can't tell that someone is wearing make-up, but you seem to sense that their inner beauty is especially fresh and vibrant, there's a good chance that they are wearing just the right amount.

It's like any other form of art and aesthetics - direct the observer's eye to selected focal points (in this case usually the eyes, mouth, & cheekbones). Subtle emphasis of line and careful enhancement of color are the tools used, but (as you say, and as with all realistic art*) the effects must be both seamless and plausible to be believable.

(*Of course, one can go for the non-representational, and some people do seem to be using their make-up as homage to and re-interpretation of such artists as Joan Miro, Jackson Polluck, or Christo.)

IM not so HO, wearing skillfully applied make-up is just about like  wearing a flattering color or maintaining a decent haircut (albeit a bit more trouble :).

To paraphrase Lucy Van Pelt:
"What's the use of having all my beauty deep down inside? - The only person who'd be able to see it would be my dentist."

" To paraphrase Lucy Van Pelt:
"What's the use of having all my beauty deep down inside? - The only person who'd be able to see it would be my dentist." " 

...and those that "knew you well",  and those that you are "getting acquainted with" and those that see how you treat others". 
 Um, that is, anyone that saw you and your actions.  But, I don't wish to belabor the point....I DO agree that, properly applied make up (again, IMHO, excluding lipstick) is both unnoticeable  AND enhancing (i.e. one does not appear either like bozo the clown, nor Boy George).   I also balk a little at "beauty" contest as a name, only because of what it infers.  Maybe a "beautifying contest"?  :-) 

As for my objection to lipstick, it is normally caked on, and an unnatural color, so one looks either like a mannequin or a wax dummy (again, in my very humble opinion), but I object mostly with my wife wearing it, because, if she expects me to kiss her, she can't have a wax coating or an oil slick on her lips....*shudder* I feel like I am kissing the mad hatter in the new Alice in Wonderland. ;-)

I do hope it goes well, and you get lots of tips on "doing it right".

It's not just for cosmetics - it's also for keeping your skin and hair and teeth healthy, whether with sunscreens, natural cleansers, or diet. There will be more details on the contest page.

In fact, since you mention this, I may actually have a few things of use......if that is ok?

Understood.....sorry if I seemed negative about it....

Goodhart, you are strikingly beautiful.

Riiiight. I ain't even handsome, much less beautiful LOL

How to make your brother in to a rather terrifying drag queen?

Well, it looks professional, even if it's not beautiful.

That will be me in a while - I'm playing the Hatter at school (rather a small part, since the musical version is based on the book, not the film).

Yes, but you won't be taking your wife out to dinner in that "makeup" I assume ;-)

That would be so awesome! :D And then order in a scottisch accent :p The ober would go mad like a hatter himself :p

Ooh, costume make-up is lovely, too!

Yes, in it's place (not when going out for dinner though ;-)

Drag makeup is an artform to itself! I'd love to see a good Instructable on it.

it's funny because my moms a cosmetologist. :)

Yay! I hope that means we'll be seeing a lot from you!

I've been thinking about dyeing my hair with henna, so maybe I'll do that for this (:

WHAT THE...!!?? AWESOME!!! I HAVE TO SEE THIS! Instructables never stops!! :-)