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Upcoming Contest List Page Bug?

When I click the link to view upcoming contests, the page doesn't load. Is this just a "me" problem or are others experiencing this as well? 

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seamster (author)2017-12-12

I noticed that same issue on a number of forum topics, and reported it to the bugs team. It appears to have been fixed now. Yay! :)

Yonatan24 (author)2017-12-14

I had that issue 2 days ago I think. But I also had the same issue with almost all other topics. No issues now.

Glumgad (author)2017-12-12

Guys, what are you talking about? Where is the upcoming contest list?

Glumgad (author)seamster2017-12-13

thank you

matthewgal (author)2017-12-12

It won't work for me ether.