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Upcoming wood working contest! Answered

We've teamed up with Popular Mechanics to bring you a woodworking contest!

Any form of woodworking is eligible. You can use classic hand tools, power tools or even your granddad's whittlin knife to build something tiny or the size of a house. Share your woodworking project, and explain why and how you made it so others can learn from your experience, and marvel at your awesomeness. 

Contest details soon!


Just confirmed the contest closes on October 3

Hi, I've got a question, when does the contest really end? In the mail it says: "The contest closes on Sep 12, 2010" and on the contest side it says: "Contest closes Oct. 3. Enter now!" Thanks a lot

That's a good question. I'll get right on that. Thanks for letting us know.

Any word on contest details yet?


I know a youngling with a knife and a recent interest in whittling...

Just confirmed, this one is definitely open to international entries!

Let us know when this happens!!! We've got a great one!!!

Sweet! I can't wait for the details. I already got three good ideas.

Sounds good! I best get thinking... This going to be an open to anywhere job, or US only?

I don't think that's been determined yet but I'll find out.

Nice just build something cool ^^ Now I'll have to build a second one to enter :p (had to test out if it worked first). I hope I'll get it finished though... I just started my vacation job in a DIY shop.. Which is great btw :D

I love you, seriously, I love you! Good that I didn't post my newest instructable yet...


7 years ago

[Monty Burns] Excellent! [/Monty Burns]

Great, I see this right after I publish my table. haha

Oh, I'm sure. But I've never seen the contest within a half hour of publishing it.

Yeah, sorry about that. I featured your Instructable right before I posted the teaser. Only found out about it today myself. Though, I'm sure a nice matching coat rack would look good next to that table, maybe a chair?

Maybe if I wasn't moving into the dorms on Wednesday :) Oh well, it happens.

Hmmm, perhaps a rustic dormitory loft bed under which to put your cleverly compact workshop?

I am bringing my whole tool box. Unfortunately, the only power tool I have room for is my drill. Over summer I was the tool guy on my floor. Whenever people needed help adjusting their skateboard or lowering their beds, they came knocking. Maybe I can think of something small to work on while I'm there.

Sweet! I have an Instructable that has been unpublished for a year or so, so hopefully I can finish it up and enter it in the contest!

I'll have to think of something cool....