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Upcycle idea for cabinet doors? Answered

Hi everyone, i came across this set of cabinet doors and want to do something new with them. The only thing i could think of was taking out the mirrors, putting in a piece of wood at the  back, paint the frame a new color, and add blackboard paint to make them into blackboards. I want them to be functional pieces and not just for decor, but am having a hard time thinking of what i can do with them. help is much appreciated! 


thanks everyone for your ideas! there were some really good ones. Im liking the shelving ideas since we'll need it.


5 years ago

I know what I would do if they were mine; I would build a shelf rack with 4 to six shelves, about 10 inches wide that would hang between the two mirrors. Made of wood stained to match the mirror frames, turning it into a three piece wall hanger that could display photos, curios or whatever and then sell it for $200 or $300.
That's what I'd do.

How about some shelves? Kinda like these skateboards: http://pinterest.com/whatsupcycled/skateboards/

Or, add some pegs or hooks and hang horizontally to make coat racks.

I'd use them as a set of hanging mirrors. They could flank a large picture, fireplace or window.

Turn horizontal and use as a large wall mirror in a narrow hall to make it look larger.

Big Mirrors cost a fortune.