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Update to my Instructable : Constructing A Small Fish Pond In The Garden Answered

My Instructable Constructing A Small Fish Pond In The Garden, received some negative comments from couple of members. I reproduce a part of comment here from one of the honorable member :

Quote " I do not recommend that anyone follow these instructions for a fish pond. There are major problems here. If you want to build a water feature in your yard, this may be passible, but this is not sufficient for a fish pond. " Unquote

My small fish pond without any aeration and filtration is still thriving. My heartfelt thanks for the support provided by finton.

I have posted an earlier update after three months and again a new update exactly after five months today (27 Jan 2014)... My water plants have flowered, my fishes are healthy and pond liner I used is in perfect condition... cheers


this bird is catching fishes from our small fish pond.... never seen this before... is it Little Bittern (Ixobrychus minutus), a migratory bird...?

Need identification....


The flower is beautiful! Good job on not getting discouraged.

You might want to add an extra step to the actual project, "Five Months On", and then refer the past commenters to the extra step.

yes, Kiteman, I have added an extra step to the actual project