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Updating Contest Entry after Deadline? Answered

Is it possible to add a few more pictures and text after the entry is submitted on Nov 7, 2012?



5 years ago

Oh, my gosh, I'm glad I read this thread. I have a habit of double checking my ibles for spelling errors and things I might have forgotten. Thanks for bringing this up!

If you refer to the "Official Rules", Section B: Under "Entry"

"Entrants are permitted to modify or update an entry after submission, but are not permitted to do so after the Deadline."

So unfortunately, no, you are not permitted to update or modify your entry.

Thanks Canucksgirl for the reply and specific reference to Official Rules! I'll need to be more persistent in reading through the long doc next time. :-)

Most of the official rules are the same from one contest to another. The parts that change are primarily the dates, the prizes and any specific requirements for a given contest. Once you become familiar with the general aspects of the rules, you'll find that much of it remains the same.

If you are ever unsure, you can contact the staff member in charge of the contest and/or send a message to info@instructables.com

I didnt realy get it, means if i publish the instructable before the deadline and if i want to correct some spells i.e. after the deadline, does it means for disqualification?

Section B: Misconduct

"Sponsor reserves the right, in its discretion, to disqualify any entrant who:
(c) is otherwise in violation of these Rules, the Policies, or any applicable laws".

In simple terms, (Section B: Entry) states that you can NOT make changes to your contest entry AFTER the deadline. 

So yes, you can be disqualified for not following the Official Rules.

I hope that's cleared up any confusion.

As long as it's soon after the deadline, well before voting ends, you are usually fine.

Thanks for reply Kitman. I'll follow official rules to be fair to others.