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Upgrade Laptop Screen resolution Answered

I want to upgrade the screen on my 17" HP ENVY 17T-j100 QE CTO Laptop. I now have a 1600x900 resolution I want to install a 1920x1080 resolution screen, Can I do that? If I cannot why, if I can do I have to change anything else?


You are limited to the resolutions that your graphics board supports, whether you use the inboard screen or augment your system using an external monitor. You *may be able to upgrade the graphics board, but often times not. Dial up HP and ask the horse what he eats


3 years ago

The one possibility is check with the manufacturer web page and find out if there are any other screens that it can support. They will list whatever ones have been put in the notebook, you have to check the specs and see if one is better than onother. Sometimes putting in a better screen is an option that is offered so you need to find out which ones are compatiable.

Only way to get a better screen on a laptop is to connect a better monitor to the the video out of the laptop. Assuming it has a VGA, DVI, or HDMI output connector on it somewhere.

The electronics needed to drive the screen are part of the laptop's main board and cannot be changed out. To change the screen you would need to change the main board as well. Which is pretty much the entire laptop.