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Upgrade to Premium? Answered

I plant to upgrade premium do you really wan to teach me ?

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Autodesk MakeBest Answer (author)2017-08-29

Interested in learning more that what was covered in this class? Submit a training request to attend an in-person training.

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ADIG13 (author)Autodesk Make2017-10-26

I work at Jewelry Company, we plan to use Benzinger machine with Software Featurecam.

I have tried to export the ArtCam file into [dmt] file and the simulation in Featurecam runs fine, but the result is not perfect and there are still many surfaces not inedible.

Then I want to changing the tool match with I expected, and I was confused about how to change or edit tools.

I really hope you can teach me how to:

Combination of Artcam with FeatureCam Software, then how to choose 5Axis strategy and tools?

[Here the Benzinger mechine sofware demo https://youtu.be/Um9C91fNZew ]



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