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Upgrades to Kilerks Knex gun Answered

Here are some upgrade to killerk's knex gun i have made. Including different trigger, accessory mounting rail, and a small sight


KILLERK's handgun is probably the only gun that a sight or scope would work with. Your sight isn't very accurate, though.

ok im not sure how to add pict to sumthin or how to show new stuff but i got a good up grade for kilerks gun to. all u do is u no the triger ,well i added to many elasticband and the white rod sumtimes flies off: solution: u no how u add an elastic bant to the trigget to auto lock well add another that gose to the from of the gun to the orange connector sits sraight when redy to fire. also if u added to many elastic band then fiddel with then untill they sit straight and lock some onder some rods then ad an elastic barnd from the handle to the part u pull back (make sure its not to tight) then u can add moar and moar elastic bands. i shot ma bit ofknex threw 3 bits of paper (A4). then a shot ma sister she screamed


11 years ago

y dont u post an instructable 4 this

cool, the only problem is that with killerk's redesigned gun, some of these dont work however, i do like the trigger you came up with