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Upgrading Epiphone Les Paul standard' s hardware? Answered

Hi guys

Ive got an Epiphone Les Paul standard. I wonna replace some things by better ones but i dont know were to start. If someone can just tell me what to replace and wich by wich part i would be very happy.

thnx annyway



8 years ago

im not sure what exactly your level of expertise is ability wise,....but if youre not sure what to do to it,....then in all fairness,...its probably more guitar than you need,....so dont touch a thing.
 I hear so many people who want to butcher these guitars the day they get them,...I guess its because it looks to much like your grampas guitar,...and if you got that out of your head,....youd probably just close your eyes and listen,....and be very happy with it.

 Again im assuming youre a beginner,,,in which case ,....the pickuos are fine,..they are Alnico mags,....and have plenty of umph for beginner all the way up to advanced players.
 The tuners are grovers,..so leave em,.....the rest is pretty good.

 Go have it set up,.....and if you still dont care for the sound,...maybe you bought the wrong guitar.
 If youre just looking to project something,....well theres better starting points out there than this one.

 Only thing id do personally to that guitar,....if and thats a big if I were to tire of the sound,....would be to drop that seymour duncan hottrodded set in there.
 Its like 130 bucks for the set,....and it makes the guitar the equivalant of its bigger brother gibson.
 But id look at other things if its your tone,....like your amp,...any pedals,....cords and so on.

 Cus odds are this guitar is fine all by itself.....but if 130 bucks is eating a whole in your pocket,.....have your local luthier drop in that Duncan set.

 Hope that helps

I just seen you had this question up on another thread as well,...and you said youre having trouble with it staying in tune,.....since the guitar has grovers,..its more than likely a nut issue.

 You can replace the nut with a graphite nut,....id strongly recommend you have this professionally done,....because it requires removal and usually cutting into the guitar to fit the new nut.

 If youd like to do it yourself,....and save a few bucks,....get a little bottle of graphite , and use a little on your grooves on the nut,...if you can use pencil shavings from the graphite in the pencil lead.....just shave it down ...avoiding getting any actual pencil wood in there,....and rub some of that into the nut.

 You see most of the time its not the tuners at all,..but the nut or bridge that has a strangle hold on the strings,.....most times its the nut,...where you here that "ping" noise when youre tuning,....like something broke free.
 These nuts are plastic,...and tend to grip the strings harder,.....where upper range guitars use bone and graphite nuts.

 Easy fix though,..and will save you 50 bucks replacing tuners that are mopst likely fine.

You have the same question posted twice and I answered the other one.

See my answer in your other question.

this is my question. my instructables keeps loggin out for some reason