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Uploaded animated GIF to Instructables Answered

I made an animated GIF size 500x528 and tried to upload it to Instructables, but it gets all screwed up upon upload. Is there a specific size I have to have it to upload? Tricks?


how did u add the gif to the instructable???

I uploaded it, found the URL, then added it in the source code inserted as <img src="URL">

There's nothing wrong with the original one you uploaded, but if the server has to resize it it gets upset and gets it wrong. Upload it as the size you intend to use it at.

How did you do this? The size I want is the size I uploaded--precisely because I know it doesn't work when it's resized. Why does it not display correctly for me?

When you upload an image to Instructables it saves it and resizes it 8 times. Instead of pressing "Insert Image" I went and found your original image here. Then, instead of pressing "Insert Image" I switched the text editor to rich mode instead of simple then changed to "Source" so that I could input HTML.

I did this because the website handles resizing of multilayer GIFs very poorly.

Moved to bugs forum.

Just a memory-size limit.