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Upright wood cutting right at Home Depot? Answered

I've see this upright wood cutting right at home depot.  They put the wood in the rig and then slide a circular saw down and it makes the cut.  Does anyone know what this sort of rig is called?  Has anyone seen a good instructable on how to make one?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Yeah, its called a panel cutter.  Most of them can be used either vertically  or horizontally.
Can't say I've ever seen an Instructable for one, they're not generally something the home handyman would often use.

Burf gets my +1, as that's pretty close to the name I know it by, which is a Panel Saw.

You see similar setups for large panes of glass (which I suspect the idea was originally borrowed from)

Here are some free plans.  Go to page 110.  I was considering building this, but didn't want to give up the space.

What an awesome issue of PS!  I am surprised at how expensive the tools are (in 1962 dollars, when gas was 25 cents a gallon!)  The battery powered tools are cool.

Thanks for the link.

I spend a lot of my free time on the computer "paging" thru the old copies.  I wish they would put up Pop. Mech. and Mech. Ill.

There are plans available on-line for panel saws but they are complex machines to build.  A more straight forward and versatile cutting method would be a circular saw or router with a cutting guide.  There are also numerous ideas for supporting sheet goods for cutting.  Search for woodworking shop plans.

No known 'Ible on it, but Fine Woodworking have a book on woodworking machines, and there is a good design in there.