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Usb fan for a Modem Answered

Hello. I wan to add a fan to my modem(NET FASTER IAD 2)

I wan to use the usb that is on the modem(for adding a network printer or a network disk). I used a usb cable but when I measured the voltage at every cable combination the maximum I got was 0.30v between green and red?

Why that? computer usb's have 5v....

Any help


You are all right!! Thank you for helping me! i will use a usb from my computer!

The USB connector is for receiving Data from a HDD or printer. Both of those items use there own power source. There is no need to put power on that USB port since its not designed to support USB powered items.
If you want to add a USB fan to the router then run a USB extension cable from your PC to the router.

PC USB connections need to supply power as well as data - your modem only needs to supply data.