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Usb remote control for PC? Answered

Well,I was thinking about the media keyboards with their control for sound,sleep,next-back and all that.
And I was wondering can I make that with a bit more options thrown in like shutdown,maybe make it wireless with blue tooth and stuff like that.
There are no devices like that in the markets where I live,and anyway I like to make my own stuff.
Any and all help is appreciated.


Yes yes yes! You don't need any wires ;) Just get TeamViewer7 installed on your Windows/Mac, and you can get it here for MAC and you can get it here for Windows. You must have TeamViewer7 installed on your i device like ipad/pod/phone or android too, that meant that is here! Then set up an account, get your PC's ID and password, type it on your idevice or android and start controlling it ;) You can also access your data with it ;) !!!

You can't get any kind of media center remote for your PC where you live? I'm sure you can find one of these either in a store or at an online retailer that will deliver to your area.