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Usb sega genesis controller idea... need advice. Answered

so i ve been seeing projects with people using the buttons of a retro gaming controller to control mp3 players and the such, and i had an idea. personally, im in love with the sega genesis. and i was thinking, wouldnt it be possible to re route the functions of the buttons to a 5 button usb dpad ( 5 button for a, b, c, start, and mode) and case it all inside the genesis controller? i wondering about it, it seems like it made sense. thanks. -sk8er6



8 years ago

sorry, i was using the mp3 player as an example. i am talking about buying (or finding) a premade pc gamepad, and fusing the two in order to have a sega genesis pad for the pc. i noticed how they were able to give functions to the buttons on the pad to the player. thans for responding so quickly too.

Sure it's possible, but the answer will depend on the type of MP3 player you are talking about. The interface to each is different. Also, when you say "case it all inside", do you mean put the MP3 player inside the controller? If not, there is nothing really to "case".