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Use arduino to program a cheaper AVR to mass-produce an application/use? Answered

So I'm new to the whole Arduino scene, just started messing with it today and I love it. Thing is, I bought my starter kit for about 50 bucks and want to use it to program an RDIF key reader for all the doors leading outside my house and buying an arduino kit for every door isn't exactly cost-effective in my eyes...

So I was wondering, is there an alternative that can be programmed once and burned maybe? Or maybe use the arduino to write to a cheaper ARV and just make a bunch of those? Basically i'm trying to make at least 4 of these things for a cheaper price tag than buying an arduino for every door leading outside...

Any ideas?


Well I know you can take off the Atmel328 off the arduino board and put in a different chip, so can I just buy some of those chips, plug them in, program it, then take it out and just run stand alone with a separate power supply?

You'll need to find a way to program them directly, because you won't have the bootloader. I use AVR-ISP II which cost about 25 USD, you can program any number of devices with that.


Yes, its dead easy. There are loads of sites showing you how to roll your own clones.