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Use for LCD from dead laptop Answered

My buddy's kid spilled orange soda into his laptop. By the time I heard about the disaster he'd removed the RAM and HDD from the machine. I would like to do something with the leftovers but am short on ideas. Any thoughts?


remove the lcd from the plastic casing... you now have highly advanced and highly dangerous frisbee... then tie a rope to the remaining hunk of computerized garbage and you have an anchor for a small boat... the moral of this story is that children should not drink orange soda because it causes disasters.


9 years ago

Well, you can try cleaning things off (water works surprisingly well on electronics; just finish with some distilled water and let things dry VERY well.) Then add a disk drive and some ram and see if it'll work. There are a number of things you can do with small (cheap) amounts of disk/ram (or even no disk; boot from CD to ramdisk. Although I'd think the CD drive would be one of the parts least likely to be repairable after a "pepsi syndrome" incident.) You can save the pieces that you believe still work for possible repair on another computer of similar type. There may be entire modules that are generally useful (compact PCI wireless card?) The display backlight and inverter will make a nice light-table-like thing, once the LCD parts are carefully removed, and if you can figure out enough of the inverter connections to make it light up.