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Use for old laptop? Answered

Hello. I have an old toshiba satellite, that has a blown video card, and since the video card is on the motherboard, i can't replace it.  What can i use this for?


Depending on how it's blown, set it up as a server of some sort. Laptops are pretty good for that purpose since they're (relatively) low power, especially when the display isn't running. Getting enough of a system running to let you connect in and finish configuring it may be a bit of a hassle, but I would bet that there's at least one Linux configuration already available which would be suitable for this; XWindows was _designed_ to be remotely operated.

You could take the harddisk out, put it in another machine that has a working video card, and install and configure a linux sever distro, then return the harddrive to the original faulty laptop, and remotely administer it over the network.

That certainly works, if you've got a similar machine available. (Hard disks, and opsys configurations, are even less consistent in the laptop world than in desktops.) There may even be a minimal Linux already set up for this sort of thing which will install automatically from a memory key or CDROM.

You could take bits out of it and use them. But if your display-driver is knacked that's(the screen) not much use to you.