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Useful tools Answered

Cheap, cordless drills are amazing tools. Take one apart and attach a speed controller, you got a motor for a robot. Also, they have good high torque motors that can be used for all sorts of things. A $50 RC transmitter and a receiver make good remote uses, such as remote detonation. More useful tools are pneumatic cannons. I've used them from pressure testing to damage testing. WHat are your useful, unconventional tools?


I would be a pretty sorry individual without my dremel. Etching, cutting, drilling, magic-ing, et al. I use it for something different every day. My soldering iron is my most used tool, as well. LEDs, SPDT switches, solar panels...it's all good. Better go with my pliers, box cutter, and glue gun, too. Ah, also, I'm going to put in there my needle and thread. A few quick stiches and most things are set. My notepad and pencil with my large eraser are on my list, as well. Here is where my projects see their first light of day.

The most useful thing I have ever carried on my person was a couple of paper clips. They served me in fixing things from a broken key ring, eyeglasses frame, and torn pants, when away from home, etc.

But tools as with real tools: I use my soldering iron more than any other work shop tool, next in line would be my hot glue gun, with the Drill (hand drill, cordless, corded, and mini all running a close second). My Craftsman screwdriver set is indispensable....and have lasted me over 30 years.

And lastly, my 110 A arc welder.....

for motors you may want to look into printers. in many cheap inkjets the motor that moves the head left and right is a dc motor and not stepper some of my most usefull tools are hair pin. the one made of rectangular steel wire bent into a tight U (usually painted black). acts as everything from screwdriver to needle (for rough stuff like hammocks) USB to red and blue wires converter. this thing allows you to charge or power lots of electronics in every place where there is a computer. extra great if you have a notebook computer broken pokeballs. they are unsafe for pokemon but if you install the cracked firmware you can still use them to store your toolbox / tent / scooter / etc. you can try this with the new gray-white ones which have drm protection so you better keep pokemons away from them capacitive circuit tester. it detects ac voltage from distance and finds electrical cables inside walls - in addition to whatever else you can do with led and battery (cable continuity tests / flashlight / etc). you can build one yourself with led and few transistors and enclose it inside a writing pen every thing that is worth having in your pocket all the time is a useful tool