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User Innovation Talk at Google Answered

This past Monday, Feburary 12th, I gave a talk titled "Getting to Open-Source Hardware" at Eric Von Hippel's MIT Innovation Lab Meeting at Google. Eric's research focuses on user innovation where he has found that users rather than manufacturers are the actual developers of most new products and services.

My talk gave a brief introduction to Instructables and then did a case study on the K'Nex guns as a community that is building open-source hardware in much the same way Zeroprestige was before we started Instructables. Check out the PDF of my slides.

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MortenOve (author)2007-08-19

Changepilot - innovation, kreativitet og forandringsledelseGreetings from the innovation forefront in Denmark. - Thanx for some inspirering slides etc.

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canida (author)2007-04-15

Ignite folks- my slides will be up soon; in the meantime check out Eric's older Google talk. It's wider-ranging, but you'll recognize a few slides.

Some relevant links: k'nex tagged projects, a good basic gun video, and a machine gun video.

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