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Uses for a K'nex steel rod? Answered

So I own a 39.1 cm (15.4 in) K'nex steel rod, which I got from the 6 ft. Knex Ferris Wheel set. Does anybody know any good uses for this rod? I should point out it is slightly thicker than the typical K'nex rod, has no places to clip on connectors (other than on the ends) and creates a lot of friction with the holes in connectors (so no epic single shots unfortunately). The rod is also quite heavy.

The picture is a comparison between the steel rod and a strengthened grey rod (black).


Hi Do you still have that steel rod for the 6ft ferris wheel? I'm trying to get a hold of one for mine...


Load it into a drill press/lathe and work it down to size with a (VERY) light grain sandpaper (to do this simply activate the drill press so the rod is spinning and hold the sandpaper in contact with the rod moving it up and down, if the rod starts to flex as you move down its length simply flip it over in the drill press, you will not experience the flexing issue with the lathe as the rod is supported at both ends.) This will make it so it fits perfectly into the ring-slots on the K'nex pieces (or a box-barreled gun for repeaters.) The excellence of a properly machined steel rod is that its tensile strength is second to none and its length results in a longer acceleration distance before striking the round and a longer power stroke so you can effectively chamber red-grey length rods and have their full length moved by the firing pin instead of just the first 1/3. NOTE: if you are not familiar with machining metal DO NOT TRY THIS, you will more than likely end up with an unevenly worked rod that is useful for very little. If you do go ahead and try this do not blame me for whatever happens to your rod or machining equipment.

You could pop it in the post and send it to me if you have no use for it :P

I have built the 6ft Ferris Wheel but had to use another rod and could only find a threaded rod so have had to modify the model slightly to make it work.

You could use it to hold a big and heavy weel.

Use it as a firing pin. I would tell you to put it in a super-extended NAR, but you said it creates a lot of friction, so try and make a barrel that fits it, then use a NAR-like mechanism on it.

If you succeed, you should have an unbreakable firing pin with NO LIMIT as to how many bands can be put on it (Black rods have a maximum of 15 bands before breaking)

I might just try this as I also have a steel rod. But even with around 7-10 bands on mine the ball joint snapped.

Reinforce it with tape/cut rod stubs.

I used them to creat a spiral stair lift for my old ball machines.