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Uses for polyurethane foam? Answered

I have left over poly urethane foam. I got a spray can of the stuff but didn't need much for the bamboo bike I'm making. Now there's lots left over. What's a good project/use for it?


Use it to fix a flat bicycle tire if you happen to find yourself stranded without tubes and with this one lone can of poly foam. Take the tube out, replace the tire,and fire the foam into the valve hole.

Nope, but I know what I'll be doing next time I have a busted steel wheel and a can of foam laying around ;)

You could just keep it till you need it.

 spray it on wheels so they have a hard outer layer

Filling in cracks around doors and windows, insulation for exposed water pipes, making your own Incredible Melting Man display for Halloween, making a fake rock to hide keys in or just wing at your friends' heads, make a custom case for transporting electronics or eggs. Or something else.

Wow, all sorts of fun things!  I like the custom case idea, hmmm...