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Using CO2 for a Jetpack blast off smoke prop? Answered

Hey Guys!
I'm making a jetpack for this upcoming Halloween. It's going to have lots of moving parts and cool stuff using an arduino, but the most important feature I want is a thick blast off smoke effect. I have been looking online, and it appears to me that a CO2 fire extinguisher would be great. However, these are expensive and not easily modified to be electronically triggered. I've considered a paintball CO2 can and a Sodastream. Will either of these give me the effect I desire, and is this plausible? I'd like the smoke to be at least as thick as the stock photo I attached, hopefully thicker and stronger.
Thanks! I'll be sure to post pictures when I finish.


wow its amazing

mix up some potassium nitrate and sugar and light that on fire. You could make a few sticks as backups and replace as needed.

I don't think you have enough volume of gas in those cartridges to give any noticeable effect. You might be better off in trying to rig up some kind of fogger - a hot plate heated by a motorcycle battery where you can drip on fog fluid( common glycerin based) to make a whole lot of fog. You can hook up some computer fans to blow it out as exhaust or even have a propane or butane fired hotplate smoke chamber since size really isn't a concern. Good luck.