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Using Lego as a containment/mold? Answered

I am a N scale, 1:160, model railroader. To get items I need I am often forced to copy other items or copy the current object if it is out of production, etc.

I have used the Lego system blocks and pads to make mold/containers for a long while. It helps to have a nephew that has 100 60gal bins of Lego. I have also used the Legos on the layouts when pouring water effects, streams, ponds, etc....

Is Lego a good recommendation?

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Paige RussellBest Answer (author)2017-02-08


I have never used Lego to build mold walls, but I would say if you've been doing it and it's been working, then stick with it!

My only concern would be using them to cast a mold in plaster, as there is water involved and I'm not sure how perfectly sealed the seams between the bricks are.

If it ain't broke... :)


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