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Using Neutron radiation from Aluminum foil is this Legal to do? Answered

I am wondering if I expose plants to Neutron radiation and carefully burn them afterwords.at 500 deg C is this safe and more importantly is it Legal??

I plan to use a 4% thorium Rod (Welding Rod).

What about Beta and gamma radiation is this Legal. I heard on youtube it is as long as you Properly dispose of the seeds. 

I did a similar Project with clover a few cm away from a total of 20,000 volts 35 mA power supply and dosages above 400 volts per meter squared killed the clover plants very quickly. I sterilized the soil and seeds with bleach and incinerate it with High heat 500-600 degrees C. I washed by draining most of the bleach out of the seeds.


Here more info on Irradiating plants with radioactive sources and he got a youtube license. Regular potassium chloride we ingest and use is also a gamma, beta and alpha emitter. We adapted to it Levels too.



The rods only contain a small amount of Thorium, between 2 and 5%.
It is also an alpha emitter so weak that the radiation won't penetrate your skin.
So where comes the aluminium foil into place and where is your neutron emitter?

I think the recipe being used here is that of an alpha source, plus a light element. I am guessing the aluminum (z=13) foil is what OP plans to use for the "light element" part of the recipe. I think the pros use beryllium(z=4), or lithium(z=3), plus a more powerful alpha source, like radium-226, and by "more powerful", I mean activity, the number of decays per second, rather than the kinetic energy, in MeV or KeV, of the alpha particles themselves.

I mean, the way this is imagined to work is if you put an alpha source in close proximity to a light element, some small fraction of the alpha particles will the nuclei of the light element, and make a heavier nucleus (heavier by 2n+2P) that decays, immediately, or with some delay, by releasing a neutron.

However the rate for successful reactions is not like 1 for 1. It is more like 1 in 1000, or 1 in 100000, alpha particles that randomly succeed in hitting a target nucleus and making this reaction happen. As a consequence of this, I think you need to start with pretty intense alpha source, because the vast majority of these alpha particles are just wasted, i.e. getting turned into warm helium.

In the Wikipedia article for "Neutron source", this kind of neutron source is described in the section titled, "Radioisotopes which decay with alpha particles packed in a low-Z elemental matrix"


You don't seem to have a very clear distinction between different sources of radiation. Electrons are not neutrons. Your "uranium beads" are not neutron sources. They emit electrons (beta particles) which can heat up materials and break chemical bonds. Beta radiation does not cause induced radioactivity.

OOPS. 0.4 uS an Hr per bead*60 = 24.0 uS an Hour for clover 1 cm away with other light sources.

I found out that Uranium beads emit 1.7 uS an Hour of beta times 3 = 5.1 micro S total an Hour. For a week (7 day) = 5.1 uS*7*24 = 856.8 uS total for the clover.

They are a fairly intense source of beta particles....... 0.5 US an Hour will set off an radiation detector!! Proper glass sheilding is a MUST.

I will be exposing the plants to beta maybe weak Gamma radation and seeing how quickly they die also...... I will soak the soil (gloves, etc) any thing in contact with 5% bleach sealed to digest the plants DNA so that it Produces a degration of DNA it will be boiled in the summer and converted into carbon by evaporating off any bleach or sodium chlorate with organic material. Since most of it water on a hot plate it will burn the substance. It will be sent to the Eco center....Just incase.

It's perfectly safe, since you don't seem to have any sort of neutron source in amongst your word salad. You should check with your local air quality management district about whether wood smoke emissions are legal in your area during this season.

People burn wood, etc and it very similar. However I am concerned about Radiactivity of the plant from beta and alpha particles but I heard it has to extremely High.