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Using a Push Solenoid as a finger press to start video game console...Help please Answered

Ok guys so Basically I have a plastation 2 console in my arcade machine, I want to be able to turn it on via a arcade pushbutton on the outside of my machine. The idea I have is to use a linear push solenoid to act as a finger to press the power button on the front of the ps2 everytime i press that pushbutton........ Is this possible? what type of push solenoid do I need....eg. 12v? size etc.... and can I use a momentary contact pushbutton to power on the solenoid momentarily to do a single press of the playstation 2 power button? Thanks for any help... P.S. I have very little knowledge of robotics or servos and solenoid usage....but I can solder, wire, etc....


guys I would solder direct but the reset power button is attatched to main board by this thin thin flex ribbon film  


Have you thought about opening the PS2 and connecting the cabinet-button directly to the switch with wires?


i agree with the good doctor and the sour fruit....the easiest method would be to just wire in directly to the switch that's already there (same for the reset switch)

I think the solenoid is a good idea, if they mould a silicone-finger to fit on the actuator.


Maybe I'm missing something here, and I'm sure I am, but can't this work?
Basically, the green circle is the arcade button, the black rod is um, a straight thing? and the grey box is the on button.
You push to button, the button presses the rod, and the rod pushed the button far enough to turn it on.


I would take a slightly different approach.

I would take the PS2 apart, solder wires to the switch that turns it on, and extend the switch to an outside area.  AKA, take something simple like a press button switch, and run it to the outside of your cabinet.  I would find that sliiiightly easier than messing with solenoids, having to position the PS2 in the right position to be hit by the solenoid (which means you wouldn't be able to bump the cabinet in any way, or it might lose position).