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Using a coupon to claim a prize Answered

If you should ever get a prize from instructables.com we will contact you via a private message with a link to a website to go to and a coupon code that you can use to claim your prize. Some people who go to use the coupon have trouble finding where to enter their code. Here is a screenshot of where you should enter your coupon code, so should you ever be confused, you can just reference this forum post.


It can be useful I guess

it says there are none left

Are you going to the right link - I just gave it a shot and they are in stock, and can be purchased. I'll PM you with the correct url.

How long coupon code good for? Could I redeem it oh say, next summer?

The first time I did a burning question... spent some time putting the code in random boxes till I found the coupon one...

wait no i got it now

see i tryed this and there was nothing below the paypal please help