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Using a microwave oven's timer as the mains timer switch? Answered

I have a timer switch from an old dead microwave oven. Can I use it as the mains timer switch? If yes, how do I connect it. The timer looks exactly like what is shown in the following picture:


(The picture was not taken by me. It is from an article on useful things that can be harvested from  dead microwave oven.)

Also, if possible, please mention the functions of various pins or give a link to an explanation.


The switch is pretty simple. Its either clockwork, or mains powered itself, and I'll bet a lot of the pins are redundant. Take a poke with a meter and you can deduce the pinning you need.

The timer knob when rotated does not go back to off state by itself so I guess it is really a mains powered and not a simple mechanical type.

Or maybe it is DC operated.

VERY unlikely, the motor is synchronised by the mains. It MIGHT be low voltage AC, but only close examination of the switch will tell you that.

And thats the problem...there are no markings on the pins. Maybe I should connect its different pins to the secondary side of a step down transformer and see what happens.

Look for scratches on the pins. That might be a clue, but if there's no voltage rating, its going to be mains operated. Otherwise open the box and take a look

your microwave should have came with a sheet of paper shoved somewhere in it that explains the circuits. or google the repairmans circuits for your microwave model.

You would probably going to have to get some relays that can handle 120V 15A (or what ever your voltage is) in order to handle the amount of current in the wall.

Once you figure out the pin outs then you can control the relays that will turn off the power in the mains.

Did the search already, couldn't find any information on that model. Its a very old obsolete model. The timer even has that vintage ding-dong mechanical bell exactly like the one shown in the link I gave in the OP.