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Using a motion sensor to trigger sound Answered

Hey guys,

I'm trying to trigger audio with a PIR sensor but with no joy. I was hoping that someone on here would be able to help!

I've got:
Oomlout SPD61 PIR sensor
Omron 5v relay g6a-234-bs
Voice recorder Cebek C9701
5v Voltage regulator L7805CV

with 9v battery attached and 8ohm speaker (these both work fine).

Can anyone draw me a diagram of how I'm supposed to connect the sensor to the relay to the voice recorder?

I would be so grateful!!

Dolly x

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caitlinsdad (author)2013-05-23

Um, don't you need some sort of microprocessor like an arduino or at least a transistor to interpret the output of the sensor? I guess someone with better electronics knowledge can answer if you can directly trigger a relay like that.

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Dolly Mix (author)caitlinsdad2013-05-24

Thank you, I have read this elsewhere about the transistor and I'm exploring that possibility, it shouldn't need an arduino though.

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steveastrouk (author)2013-05-23

Put this in the "answers" section of the site, and you'll get more help I suspect. I don't think you need the relay.

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Dolly Mix (author)steveastrouk2013-05-24

Hi Steveastrouk, thanks for your response, I will most certainly stick this in the answers section. The reason I've got the relay is it said I needed one in an Instructables that I'm loosely basing this on: https://www.instructables.com/id/Sound-graffiti/

However, those instructions are extremely basic and don't tell you how to do the wiring!



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