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Using a mounted drill to power axle mounted device Answered


I have just constructed a chicken plucker as in the photo.
As an initial attempt the device worked really well - except for the connection of the drill to the axle. This was not well aligned so it ate the threaded bar which was trying to pull itself out and not helped with the thread direction.

Are there examples of how to better power such a device? 
I would like to be able to re-use my drill, I suspect properly aligned would work better.
I could also swap to a non threaded bar but would need suggestions on how to keep the plucker barrel in place.



Get a flexible shaft attachment.

or get the vertical drill press converter for portable drills and screw the base to the side.

Don't the feathers fly all over the place without some kind of shroud on the plucker?

Like the idea of a flexi shaft. Will see what I can find.
I did use a shroud, I put a hoop at the back and attached a black bin bag then used some plastic wrapping for a tongue and shroud to divert the feathers into the bag about 90% went in as desired :-)

adding image...