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Using piezo buzzers from birthday cards and muiscal ties as mp3 speakers. How to wire 2 in series and amplify etc? Answered

Ok so i want to make this instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-an-iPod-Speaker-from-a-Hallmark-Music-Card/ i look around for a musical card but i can't find one. But i do find some miscal things taken out of christmans ties n such and also some old piezo buzzers. I figured these would work the same after tryin for a while with some headphone wires i gave up trying to wire them up as my headphone wires had 2 brown, 1 red and 1 green wire and in the instructable it only had 2; 1 brown and 1 red.

After a while i tried a new wire and i got it to work, but it's very quiet. So i thought i would try and wire up the 2nd one to see if it would make it louder, but i couldn't get any sound out of it.
THis is what the 1st speaker wired up looks like:

My first question is can i simply wire the other speaker onto the same wire as this one is currently or do i have to add another set of wires( split them) so there is 2 set of wires (1xred and 1xbrown)?

secondly before i cut off the speaker (in it's original christmas song buzzer circuit thing) it was considerably louder, is this because there is an amplification part to this circuit- if so can i take it out?
Im guessing not looking at it: this is the original circuit: https://www.instructables.com/files/deriv/F94/NO2I/FWMO31V2/F94NO2IFWMO31V2.SQUARE.jpg

I know that was long winded but thanks to anyone hwo gives their time to try and help



It's just not going to sound good, no matter what you do. You'd have more luck scrounging speakers from a junked TV or something. Even then, they won't be very loud unless you add an amplifier. Check ebay for TA2024 amp boards... those are good quality for the money.


9 years ago

sorry bout small pictures, if you want to see them bigger at the end of the url change the word "SQUARE" to "LARGE"