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Using resin on duct tape? Answered

So I'm building my first prop and I have a lot of duct tape used... and I mean A LOT, so I was planning on putting a layer of resin on it. But my question is would the resin work with the duct tape or would I have to put another layer of something before I can put the resin.


My personal inclination would be to add a layer of something that the resin would penetrate..

If you only want to add shine, though, why not use varnish?

I'm making a helmet and also using the resin to get it a bit tougher and so I can apply some fiberglass cloth on the inside for re-enforcement. What would you recommend I put on so it so I can use the resin?

If you have fibreglass cloth, use that?

(Caveat: I am discussing this on a purely theoretical basis, having never used resins like this.)