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Using something beside a post? Answered

Hey. I'm in the begining/learning/testing stages of woodworking. I've spent a bit of money on tools already and have a lot of scrap wood I'd like to practice on before buying good wood. I do have a bunch of 2×4×8 pieces of wood. Is it possible to create these dice by cutting and glueing the 2×4 pieces together instead of buying a 4×4 post? Thanks.

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mikeasaurusBest Answer (author)2017-03-13

The aim of the class is to get you practicing making straight cuts, the yard dice is just an easy example of an exercise that repeats the skill taught. You're welcome to use any wood you like to make the dice, or make something other than the dice altogether.

If you chose to glue up wood to make yard dice make sure to read up nominal vs actual dimensions of lumber, you'll need to know this in order to get roughly cubical dice.

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