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Using the IRS2110 for 36v H-bridge? Answered

So i have some 850W 36v DC motors that i need to design an H-bridge for, and ive decided to use the IRS2110 to driveing them, since i need to drive the highside fets. I however have no idea of how to use that chip. Any help? :P

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steveastroukBest Answer (author)2012-03-21

Get the datasheet !!! That's what its FOR.
ALso check IRF's website for app notes.

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dumle29 (author)steveastrouk2012-03-21

I have read the datasheet and some app notes, but I found that that didn't help me understand how to make a circuit. For example. What is a bootstrap capacitor (have googled it) and how do I select the value for the bootstrap capacitor? Basically Im at a loss to finding the values and requirements for the components. Diode switching time, voltage, wattage and so on :/

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steveastrouk (author)dumle292012-03-21

The bootstrap caps are part of a diode pump that generates bias voltages inside the chip to "lift" the high voltage drivers up.

Check the app notes for more design references - or cheat, and subscribe to the Yahoo-hosted OSMC project - see here

OSMC uses a different driver chip, but someone's done all the math


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