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Using the Instructables site to Sell and Promote should not be allowed! Answered

After seeing the page, https://www.instructables.com/id/Diesel-Fish/ , I found it to be nothing more than a 'Ad' promoting a product for sale. This is not a Instructable, it doesn't give (nor offer) a 'How-To' to make it yet it DOES point you to another site where it can be bought.

I feel that this goes Against the theme of our site and is a slap in the face to those who are trying to promote Ideas that they've come up with and SHARE with the rest of the Instructable community. We, the users, are on this site sharing ideas and thoughts...not money. We're asking for input, not money. We are asking other users to come up with more Great ideas.........

.....not Money.

I feel that this page should be removed as the author is simply pushing his/her wears here, that isn't what this site is for. How this was allowed to be, not only allowed on the site but, Featured is amazement in itself and if this is the type of thing that we have to look forward to here on Instructables then I will simply have to remove myself from this great community as I will Not be part of something that takes away from those who are working to keep the site up to par with what it was meant to be.



well, there is a 'for sale" section in the forums. theres also advertizing, and prizes offered in contests are significant exposure for major mfgrs.

once in a while, a "little guy" comes up with a really good idea. usually, this is after lots of projects that are cool, but might have little market potential. I dont see why the little guy cant get some exposure here, too.

I'll echo kelseymh's comments about flagging, but in this case I would encourage you to read the full posting, where the development of the Dieselfish is detailed. The story behind an item's design is as valid a reason for posting an instructable as the actual making, and the only thing missing from the instructable is a detailed blueprint of the fish, but if you can't work out the design from the photos, I doubt you're really up to getting one cut from decent-quality steel anyway, are you?

I would also encourage you to read Mrballeng's profile, and look at the many various projects he has contributed to the site over the years, the vast majority of which are what you would consider "proper" instructables.

Finally, I would urge you to be very careful when tossing around threats like quitting the site if you don't get your way - you have been a member for only three days, and your entire contribution thus far has been to complain about a respected long-term member. Instead, why not influence the site the right way, creating and posting the content you think should be on the site, and using positive contributions to encourage those you would like to see posting more.

If you see an Instructable or forum topic which looks like SPAM (as opposed to a real I'ble, with real instructions, where the user also mentions their Etsy site), please use the "Flag" option. That notifies the I'bles staff and they can take it down. Thanks!