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Using vaccum pump for fresh air mask? Answered

I see there's a few good vaccum pump ideas here, but I couldn't find one on making a fresh air mask. I know it's easily done with a vacuum pump, but what about with one of these pumps made from a cheap compressor? Thanks!


Aside from any other considerations, most vacuum pumps simply have far too low a flowrate to be useful for the task.

The last fresh air mask I used had a fan more in line with the sort of thing used to move air in a computer case, to which was affixed an activated charcoal sponge filter. There was considerably higher flow than any home aquarium pump could possibly achieve.

Imagine it this way. Full face mask (sort of mask one might use while turing wood on a lathe) connected to a hardhat, with a flat nozzle near the brow, blowing down across the face, from a fan-unit built into the back of the hardhat (air was drawn in towards the filter thru an entry facing down to reduce gravity fed dust accumulation), powered by a belt-mounted battery. Used one for several years when at NASA GRC's 2.2 Second Droptower where silica dust was generated during impact of a ~1200lb load into an aerated sandbed, before we moved away from aerated sand to an airbag system for package recovery. (fwiw, silicosis is something like black lung or asbestosis...)

May have to build one of these. I've been using a tile saw to cut up a bunch of glass bottles recently. It's a wet saw so it doesn't generate a ton of airborne particulate, and I do wear a dust mask anyway, but one can never be too careful about silicosis.


8 years ago

Thanks for the replies. Here's a link to a SWEET fresh air mask DIY set up. I guess the real difference is the pump capacity. Cheers.


I would be hesitant to use a home brew fresh air mask.  It the filter good enough.  Does your air compressor use oil, and is that oil toxic. 

A real fresh air mask is not that expensive and I would class it with body armor.  If you need it then you need a guarantee with it.

Is this for a specific purpose?