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Utilizing a Table Saw? Answered


I have a Table Saw Bosch 4000 and few other power tools, I do not have a Lathe, Router and planer.
is there a way to utilize the table saw to compensate the lack of these tools?




5 years ago

Here is the approved method for cuting a straight, parallel sides board from a warped piece of lumber with a table saw (see the attached diagram):

1)  Attach a straight edge to the board you want straightened. I use a piece of extruded aluminum salvaged from the frame of an old arcadia sliding door but you can use another straight board.
2)  Measure from the exposed edge of the straight edge to the narrowest part of the board and set your saw to this dimension.
3)  Using the straight edge against the rip fence, rip the board. You will now have one straight side.
4)  Remove the straight edge and measure from the cut side to the narrowest portion of the other side and set your next cut to his dimension.
5)  Turn the board over and use the newly cut side against the rip fence and cut the board.
6)  You should now have a perfectly straight board.

You can plane or block sand the cut sides smooth.

Strt. cut.png

Not in any safe way.

as a planer, I have had an idea but wanted more experienced people to help me up.
my idea is to create a recess in a 100% straight log that will enable only half the blade to be exposed so it will eat so little from the not so straight board.
got the picture? is it doable?


I see what your trying to do
a) it won't leave a smooth surface
b) it WILL be highly dangerous.
c) Don't do it. use the saw as intended and buy a planer etc, or buy the equivalent hand tool

Not safely and planing a board 1/8" at a time isn't going to work.

Buy yourself a Dremel and you can have a lathe and router in 1 tool.