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VCR Loading motor voltage? Answered

Hi everyone, I recently dismantled an old VCR and found a DC motor, I apparently got no manufacture label just a label with two rows of numbers and these numbers are:
B60730 051*

I initially thought that the 570V was the voltage of the motor but i'm not sure about it. i googled the first row of numbers and found that it's probably a Sanyo 4-527V-02700 Loading Motor Dc 5.2W, but I can't find anymore specifications for it.

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Downunder35m (author)2015-08-02

What is the highest otage the power supply puts out?
But these old VCR's usually operated on 12V internally.

Simply put the motor back in, connect to a lab power supply and start with 6V.
If the VCR closes very slow try 9V and then 12V.
I don't thik it will be 24V but you never know.

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Misac-kun (author)Downunder35m2015-08-03

Do you belive I have already tested with 38v? That thing spun as fast as a HDD.

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