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VHS Camcorder, Overhead projector, Boomboxes, and some other stuff. Answered

I recently contacted my school (I'm in 9h grade) asking if they had any old equipment i could have, and they said yes. I have decided that i would *only* take 2 overhead projectors (you put a 'transparent sheet on, and projects) 3-4 boomboxes, and most importantly, a VHS camcorder. I just couldn't let that camcorder go to waste, so i decided i would take it, but now I'm wondering, what can i do with it?
Also, for the overhead projectors, any ideas what i could use them for? I know, i can get the mirrors/lenses/bulbs, and fan and everything in them, but is there anything i could use them for (i know about LCD overhead projector, anything else?)


Well, if you like music, make like a black and white VHS music video, to look like a really old one.
Another thing is that most schools have tvs with vcrs so you can do like a science fair project.
Or one last thing if your a really tech type person, turn it into a project for like a contest, alot of them can include electronics

Thanks for the advice, ill probably end up just tacking it apart, as my school had neither science fairs (and im not even sure about VHS players (i do have one at home though)) and im not too interested in making a music video.
ps: Why does firefox keep on putting french back on as my spell-check language, WHY?

With the OHPs, you can either use them (project images onto surfaces to draw / paint around), or dismantle them for the lenses - as well as two hand-sized magnifying glasses and a decent mirror in the unit at the top of the head, the surface you lay the transparencies on can be taken apart to retrieve a foot-wide Fresnel lens that is brilliant for burning stuff with sunlight.

Anybody? Please?
O, and an update, i have decided that i will be donating the overhead projectors to a local organization.
I would still like to know what i could do with the camcorder.